Gardasil did it – An English closed-captioned documentary about Colombian girls damaged by the human papilloma virus vaccine.

Versión en español aquí.

I’m honored to introduce a documentary made by anthropologist and journalist Mario Lamo Jiménez who brings a heart-wrenching testimony of Colombian teenagers and two adult women whose lives were damaged by Gardasil, the vaccine against the human papilloma virus (HPV) made by the pharmaceutical company Merck.

The documentary soundtrack is both beautiful and original. Inti Calapi and Mario Lamo provide the music and lyrics, respectively of the very first song of this growing social movement. We can also listen to a heart-felt poem read by the author herself Valentina Martínez from Barranquilla, who locked in her body cries for justice, health, and dignity for HPV victims. In the background, Ecuadorian group Charijayac music enriches victims’ testimony while Joseph Mujica’s art marks the transition from one experience to another. The images taken by Adolfo Baltazar in his visit to El Carmen de Bolívar powerfully remind us the magnitude of this scourge that hit more than 700 adolescents and their families of this Caribbean population today forgotten by the Colombian State. The total number of victims exceed one thousand (1,000) as the otherwise uninformative Universidad de Cartagena study recently confirmed. Closed captioning was provided by Mary Lamo, Bilingual Voices & Mary Atwood.

The testimonies of two (2) deceased girls are described:

Karen Durán-Cantor from Fusagasugá, who at 16 years old suffered from scleroderma. Her testimony is a powerful legacy for the intelligence and courage of this young girl who swiftly tells us about her ordeal triggered by the Gardasil vaccine and urges us to fight for women’s rights.

Astrid Carolina Méndez (Caro) is another girl who died after a prolonged disease caused by Gardasil and who remained hospitalized receiving antibody removal therapies and other procedures to save her life. – Caro’s mother, Mrs. María Angela Pinilla, tells a heart breaking testimony about her daughter’s suffering. – From my side I can tell that Astrid Carolina’s case was one of the first victims I came to know about thanks to her sister Liz Pinilla with whom I chatted by Facebook. Liz shared with me Astrid Carolina’s clinical history when she sought help at the Juan N Corpas Hospital. While chatting, I was reading the 10-12 pages of her clinical history to quickly interpret for Liz the medical jargon and next steps physicians would follow. For a moment I asked Liz to stop because a lump in my throat prevented me from continuing. I had just read that Astrid Carolina was rapidly losing strength and sensitivity of legs and arms while doctors only observed and failed to admit this adverse reaction described by the manufacturer of Gardasil. Liz understood and after a while we resumed our conversation. The diagnosis soon appeared in the pages: Guillain-Barré syndrome. We kept in touch during Astrid Carolina’s relapses and improvements, but her clinical deterioration was progressive as when her breathing was compromised due to muscle weakness that required intubation. Her disease was relentless.

Valentina Valencia Vélez and her mom Ana Milena Valdéz from Medellín tell their testimony of an aggressive disease that severely threatened Valentina’s life. Valentina was forced to receive the second Gardasil dose despite her family objections as the first shot had already made her ill. Valentina is a very intelligent girl who narrates her clinical history in detail of one of the longest in-hospital stays triggered by Gardasil (a serious adverse event). I briefly reviewed her case, which is supported by serological evidence of autoimmunity as the presence of anti-nerve tissue auto-antibodies and improvement with antibody removal therapies (IVIg and plasmapheresis). At the time we reviewed that booster doses worsen the autoimmune disease triggered by the first dose, thus supporting a dose-dependent immune-mediated response.  – Ana Milena and Valentina are exemplary fighters for overcoming disease adversity and the fierce hostility that the Colombian healthcare system has wielded ruthlessly against Gardasil victims. Ana Milena is a natural leader, she was the founder and first president of the Rebuilding Hope Association. During her tenure, the foundation made important achievements, her open, inclusive and conciliatory attitude allowed her to bring together victims who struggled individually.

Juliana Vera Ruiz speaks before the Council of Bogotá (2016) and recounts her academic difficulties as a university student afflicted by a dysautonomic disease caused by the HPV vaccine.

María Paula Salamanca Triana from Bogotá, a skating athlete who at 13 stood out in representation of Colombia, tells how her excellent physical condition was impaired by the Gardasil shot.

Doubly impacted is Freddy Alberto Escobar Pérez, father of María Paula and Angela Liset Escobar Muñoz, who became ill with a severely autoimmune disease in 2013 after receiving the Gardasil vaccine.

Among adult women who lost their professions and ways of income, is Adela Torres from Bogotá who participated in a vaccine study at CAFAM sponsored by Merck in 2004. She suffers from Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome, Sjogren’s Syndrome complicated by hydrocephalus and possibly ASIA Syndrome (Auto-immune-inflammatory syndrome induced by Adjuvants).

A televised testimony is given by María del Pilar Pomar Rivera, a young woman who tells her case before the Colombian Congress (2015) and denounces the epidemic of Gardasil adverse events in Carmen de Bolivar and rest of the country. Maria del Pilar is one of the strongest voices among Colombian HPV victims for her leadership, understanding of the disease and ability to summarize complex information. María del Pilar occupies a special place in my memory, because despite her illness and at her own risk, she visited the town of Carmen de Bolívar (Oct 18, 2014). There she met Blanca Victoria Sabagh, another key leader and both of them assembled parents and community leaders to invite affected girls and their parents to voluntarily participate in the S-LANSS survey. The S-LANSS survey was a pilot project that revealed the neuropathic nature of the disease suffered by those vaccinated with Gardasil. My first article on neuropathic pain was only possible due to María del Pilar’s bravery, Blanca Victoria’s leadership and girls’ willingness to provide information about their disease. This pilot project gave the feasibility of launch a more ambitious one like a comprehensive symptom survey, which is the only study at the moment that has identified the autoimmune and neuropathic nature of Gardasil adverse events in Colombian women as a group. A year later (Nov 2015), Mexican rheumatologist Dr. Manuel Martinez-Lavin reached a similar conclusion in a 3-survey study that included the S-LANSS questionnaire in HPV vaccinated participants from 13 countries including Colombian women.

NiNasLlenandoEncuestasVisitaCarmendeBolivar 2
Girls from Carmen de Bolívar who filled out pain and symptom surveys in a visit that María del Pilar paid to the population in October 18, 2014. – These surveys gave us evidence that vaccinated girls suffered from a demyelinating peripheral neuropathy. –  Research budget: voluntary donation of time and personal resources. Personnel: María del Pilar, Blanca Victoria and Pompilio. Report published in this blog on October 27, 2014, a week later. -. – The Colombian National Institute of Health had already carried out a study with resources of the Nation with mobilization of regional personnel, of the National Institute itself and the Ministry of Health in Bogota. Their report was relunctantly published in January 2015 (about 4 months later) after being legally forced to release it. Conclusion: Massive Psychogenic Illness.

Because the damage caused by Gardasil is huge, victims are taking their fight beyond the health care arena. On the other corner, the pharmaceutical company Merck, the United Nations, individual governments, private and independent bodies, academic, scientific and research community, health providers and insurers are all together waging a well-orchestrated conspiracy to protect the deadly vaccine with anti-ethical, irresponsible and illegal procedures to harm their own women. That has legal consequences and so attorney Mónica León del Rio has an important testimony to tell both as mother and lawyer. Her daughter Alejandra suffered similar neuropathic reactions to those described above. Monica along with Colombian victims nationwide have filed a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical Merck for 160 million dollars. – A major win for HPV victims and all Colombians, was the legal complaint made by Attorney Alba Lucia Murillo Maya on behalf of plaintiffs Edith Perdomo Londoño (mom) and Aura Cristina Campo Perdomo (daughter) that was evaluated by the Colombian Constitutional Court. The Sentence T-365 of 2017 ruled that application of the human papilloma virus vaccine CANNOT be mandatory, and that every individual is autonomous to receive it on his own will without any imposition. In addition it ruled that every individual has the right to be informed about risks and benefits and give informed consent.  – Japanese victims filed a lawsuit in 2013. The family of a girl from Spain won a legal dispute against two health care facilities for failure to diagnose her adverse reaction to the first HPV vaccine dose that upon administration of the second dose led to her death. We hope these legal efforts will pave the way for justice to victims whose lives were harmed by a severe autoimmune disease that is openly denied and completely preventable.

Many thanks to Mario Lamo, producer of this documentary that summarizes succinctly and emotionally one serious and unnecessary disease that both Colombian women and those from around the world suffer due to the Gardasil deadly poison. Please follow the links to realize about Mario’s many contributions to inform and help victims by interviews, videos, reviews, critical op-eds, presentations in international conventions, the first HPV victim’s song and of course this beautiful and informative albeit sad documentary.

4 comentarios sobre “Gardasil did it – An English closed-captioned documentary about Colombian girls damaged by the human papilloma virus vaccine.

  1. Thank you very much to doctor Pompilio Martínez for all his work to create consciousness about this vaccine that is becoming epidemic. Thanks to people like you and many others struggling in Colombia and around the world to show the truth nature of this vaccine many lives have been saved. We fight with facts a faux science that became just an act of faith.

  2. Dear Mario,
    Thanks for your kind words and great contributions through efforts like this video lecture which I just became aware of. In it you nicely give an updated chronicle of how things have evolved in Colombia, how society is reacting, how the Colombian government and the pharmaceutical company continue to lie with new tricks about the harm the HPV vaccine causes. – It’s also nice that the slides were made available to highlight the points you bring up in the talk. At the end important questions were asked as well. The words by your son ‘…even if I have to do it myself…” resonate strongly to help us see new ways to defuse this faux science and religion as you correctly state.



    Dr. Godofredo Arauzo
    Until 2018, 234 types of human papilloma virus (HPV) have been identified; they divide it into low and high risk HPV; those at high risk are suspected of causing uterine cervical carcinoma (UCC) and the low risk that are the majority produce benign lesions. There is currently world wide collective psychosis due to the massive and overwhelming advertising of manufacturers to introduce the HPV vaccine to the market, they say to prevent HVP infection and UCC. It is not proved that the vaccine prevents HPV infection neither the UCC;they are simply speculations without scientific support. Since 2006 the FDA has also granted a license for use in children to 9 years of age or older to prevent UCC, anus and warts. An excess.
    HPV infection is not only acquired through sexual contact; we contaminated us since we were born; It is widespread in nature; they live in the environment and in the blood for a short time, they are ubiquitous; they have affinity for the skin and genital mucous membranes, upper respiratory, digestive, anus, mouth, gums, lips; too it has been detected in amniotic fluid, rubber gloves, spring biopsy, forceps, speculum, underwaer,towels, on the floor, toilets, gyms, changing room for clothes in the pool:in general in fomite;in domestic and wild animal has been found,in the mouth of children aged 3 to 15 years (Lomongi Venezuelan Dental Act 2006).On average 3% to 93% men have the virus in the world;between the ages of 20 and 26 women have the highest frequency;40% of children and 10% of women without sex have HPV; the pregnant women of the firth trimester 40%,third trimester 60&, in postpartum period 17% have the HPV.Not all people in the world are contaminated on average 10% of those living in developed countries and 15%,in the underdeveloped they are contaminated with the virus.They lack cellular structure;they have no own metabolism;they require a cell to live,they are parasites of the cells.The prevalence and types of HPV vary according to region, social, cultural, economic, geography, age, sex and religfios factor, it is not distributed equally in the world:in the USA the most frequent is the PVH 16,in the Africa 45,Central and South America 39-59,Canada 31,Spain 6,16,51,53 and Asia 52,58(Chang 2011);its frequency increases in the second period of the menstrual cycle and in women who use hormonal contraception and decreases in the first period of the menstrual cycle and who do not use hormonal contraception. The percentage of HPV also vary in the world:Sub-Saharan Africa 24%,Eastern Europe 21.4%,Thailand 8%, New Mexico in both sexes 9%, white non-Hispanic 13.7%, Hispanic 9.7% and native 6.6%,Argentina 16.6%, South Korea 10.4%.A meta-analysis found 11.7% in women with normal PAP.
    HPV lives in the cervix causing latent or subclinical alteration producing the koilocities cells; in minority causa in the cervix wart, flat or inverted ondiloma. The HPV is capricious, ubiquitious snd enimatic appears and disappears from the organis: it is more frequent among women berween 22 25 years old; they disappear with the age, they can persist without causing alterations; they disappear after 20 months by unknown mechanisms; it is speculated that they are due to the action of your immune system.
    Until now there are no investigations that scientifically prove that the HPV originates the UCC; This virus is only suspicious. Other risk factors are involved in the development of the UCC, the main and most important being the sexual act,intercourse is scientifically proved to cause UCC.
    Sexual act; intercourse is scientifically proved to cause CCU, Nix in 1000 nuns found no UCC and poverty.Haiti is the country most poor of the world and have the most high incidence of the UCC of rhe world followed by suspicious factor: tobacco, slcohol,virus, age of onset of sexual intercourse, number of sexual paertners, men, economic factor,multiparidad, circunsition, iimmune system, hormonal contraception, environment, chronic inflammation;recently the HPV
    In 1974 zur Hausen postulated the hypothesis that the HPV was the agent that caused cervical cancer and that other researchers followed the same idea; but the HPV does not fulfill the 5 postulates of Koch, which as dogma is accepted in the medical scientific world and which would and does no aislated of the UCC to be considered as the cause of cervical cancer.The HPV not has been found in the UCC, only by immunological methods in 90%, which can be interpreted as that the HPV is present or is an immune residue; The natural, physical or native virus has not been found in UCC: 0%. To develop the cervical malignant tumor are requared the company of other exogenous and endogenous cofactors. Our knowledge of the relationships of the HPV with the cofactors that cause the UCC is insufficient and still unknown and the role that cofactors play in the appearance of malignant pathology of the cervix are nebulous. scientifically it is ensured that HPV does not cause cervical carcinoma and the vaccine does not 56 56 56 56 56 56 56 56prevent HPV unless it prevents cervical carcinoma. Investigations must be deepened.
    Dr. Godofredo Arauzo Huancayo PERU
    E mail:
    Teléfono: 05164252052

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